Presaturated Swabs and Wipes

Presaturated Swabs and Wipes

Presaturated swabs and wipes combine Chemtronics® highly effective cleaners and static dissipative treatments with the convenience of a disposable applicator.

  • Presats are convenient to use and ideal for field service kits
  • Every swab and wipe is hermetically sealed to prevent evaporation and maintain solvent effectiveness 

    Our presaturated products can be used in a wide variety of applications:
  • Cleaning optical surfaces
  • Cleaning fiber optic connectors and fusion splicers
  • Cleaning computer keyboards
  • Cleaning and applying ESD treatments to display screens
  • Removing oil, dust and other contaminants
  • Cleaning and protecting sensitive contact surfaces

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IPA Presaturated Wipes
General purpose presaturated wipe in a convenient dispenser

General purpose, presaturated lint-free cleaning wipe

Optic Prep
Highest quality premoistened lens-grade tissue for cleaning optical surfaces

Screen Prep
Convenient cleaning and static control for monitors

Easy to use swab presaturated with alcohol