The reality is that no soldering operation produces perfect assemblies every time. Even the highest quality components fail from time-to-time. That’s why desoldering is so important for those who manufacture, maintain or repair printed circuit boards (PCBs).
The whole point of wiping a surface with a polyester cleanroom wipe is to remove contaminants including dust, dirt, oil, greases, soot, fluxes and so on. But, after wiping, how clean is the surface? How can it be guaranteed? How can an operator or quality inspector be sure?
Chemtronics® manufactures a large variety Flux-Off® brand solder flux residue removers to satisfy many different requirements, for example if the cleaner needs to be nonflammable, safe on sensitive plastics, or have extra cleaning strength. Many Flux-Off cleaners are available with the BrushClean™ system with allows for controlled application of solvent.