Picture of Deep Penetrating Lubricant  深层渗透润滑剂
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Deep Penetrating Lubricant 深层渗透润滑剂

Deep Penetrating Lubricant is specially engineered to clean, displace moisture, inhibit corrosion, reduce friction and protect metal surfaces in one easy step.


  • High flash point
  • Deeply penetrate,displaces moisture from electrical and electronic components
  • Works on most metals and plastic material
  • Excellent compatibility
  • Non-ozone depleting
  • Non-toxic on skin

  • 高闪点
  • 深入渗透、去除湿气和冷凝液
  • 在金属和塑料材质上安全使用
  • 优良的材料相容性
  • 臭氧安全
  • 接触皮肤无毒性

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