Contact Cleaners

Contact Cleaners

Electrical Contact Cleaner Sprays & Lubricants 

A high purity contact cleaner will remove oil, dirt, and other contaminants from metal contacts, circuit breakers, motors, and more. Chemtronics electrical contact cleaners restore continuity to all electronic and electrical contacts. Our deep penetrating lubricant is great for inhibiting corrosion, reducing friction and protecting metal surfaces in one easy step. All contact cleaners are low toxicity.

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Pow-R-Wash VZ
A general purpose, nonflammable electronic contact cleaner that is safe for use on some plastics.

Pow-R-Wash CZ
The safest contact cleaner formulation for plastics. Recommended for users working with applications that contain sensitive plastics.

Pow-R-Wash PR
Extra strength contact cleaner that is safe on some plastics.

DPL Deep Penetrating Lubricant
Deep penetrating lubricant to displace moisture and inhibit corrosion